After World War II, a Russian journalist described a pivotal moment in the German failure to capture Stalingrad:

An extraordinary change takes place at the turning-point in a battle: a soldier looks round, after apparently gaining his objective, and suddenly finds he has lost sight of his comrades; while the enemy, who had seemed so weak, scattered and stupid, is now united and therefor invincible. A deep change in perception takes place at this mysterious turning-point: a gallant, intelligent ‘We’ becomes a frail, timid ‘I’ while the enemy changes from a hunted, isolated prey to a terrible, threatening ‘Them’.
As he…

Coronavirus first attacks the body through cells in the alveoli and bronchial tubes. These areas are damaged by marijuana smoke.

There is no good evidence that marijuana smoke causes lung cancer or emphysema, but pot smoking does cause bronchitis and all of us who smoke know the cough. When you are under threat of virus infection, it clearly makes sense to minimize damage to the cells that give the virus its entry point.

What about vaping?

Let’s start by distinguishing between what I would call clean and dirty vaping. For me, “vaporizing” means putting flower into a Volcano set to 388°F.

I’m 73…

The political correctness diversion

The political correctness diversion is a technique that Trump uses to manage the news cycle for his own benefit. It is a spectacle, rooted in contempt. It’s one of the ways the republican party is able to play its base and get them to vote against their own interests, but republican voters are not the only ones being played. The spectacle only works if media and liberals participate. If we understand it, we can avoid getting sucked into the conversation that republican leadership wants.

The most successful use of this trick occurred in May of 2016…

For marijuana, establishment medicine has failed. We need real science controlled by patients.

The tool we cannot learn to use

A mountain of studies and patient reports shows that marijuana is medicine. But these are not clinical trials — double-blind, placebo-controlled experiments on humans, that follow the three phase FDA process. Clinical trials are required by law in order to call something a medicine in the United States and they are prohibited for medical marijuana. As long as clinical trials can be prevented, the political class can say there is “no evidence” that marijuana is medicine, despite the mountain of actual evidence.

Even in medical marijuana states…

How can medical marijuana work for so many different conditions?

Marijuana activates a mechanism in us called the endocannabinoid system, first described in 2011 by scientists from Hebrew University. They wrote:

Raphael Mechoulam

”Changes in endocannabinoid levels and/or CB2 receptor expressions have been reported in almost all diseases affecting humans, ranging from cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, liver, kidney, neurodegenerative, psychiatric, bone, skin, autoimmune, lung disorders to pain and cancer”

They went on to say:

“modulating CB2 receptor activity holds tremendous therapeutic potential in these pathologies.”

Marijuana is being used to treat an astonishing variety of problems, from acne to cancer. While political interference has…

People are making extravagant claims for medical marijuana. In first-person stories, patients tell of using cannabis extract to cure stage 4 cancers and childhood epilepsy. The cures are miraculous and enthusiasts seem to think it works for everything.

Most of these claims are not accepted by established medicine. In 2017 a committee of the National Academy of Sciences reviewed the scientific research on cannabis as medicine. They studied 24 conditions and found conclusive evidence that cannabis is effective for only one (chemotherapy-induced nausea). …

Wayne Haythorn

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